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Mehdi Hejvani

• Author, Translator & Researcher in Children’s Literature
• Ph.D. in Art Studies, Faculty of Arts, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, IRAN
• Assistant Professor of Art Studies, Islamic Azad University
• Chief Editor, Ofoq Publisher
• Member of Founding Board of the ‘Iranian Association for Illustrators of Children’s books’)(N.G.O) ‘Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Yout (N.G.O) & lakposhtparandeh (N.G.O)
• License Holder, Executive Director and editor in chief of ‘The Research Quarterly Journal of Children and Youth’s Literature’, Pazhuheshname
• Member of Academic Journal “Iranian Children’s Literature Studies”, Shiraz University (SUCCLS)
• Editor in chief of monthly magazine ‘Iranian Children and Young Adults Book’ [Ketabe Mah]


Eight Articles on Children's Literature

Six articles from Pazuhis nama (Pazhuheshn – nameh) and one from Qalamrau, Higwani, Mehdi, Translated into English: Hassan Zahedi, Internationale Jugendbibliothek München, Munich, GERMANY, (In English)

Latest Works

Name: Munich in Tehran Time, Travel Notes to Germany
Published by: Ofogh publications
Year: 2019

Name: Jilli, Bilie and Pishi
Published by: Shahr e Ghalm publication
Year: 2019


I, Mehdi Hejvani, officially named Mehran, was born in 1339 in a hospital in Movlavi intersection, Tehran. I was the last child of an aged family. At that time, like the experience of footballers, some mothers started with losing a couple of children to warm up and to learn how to bring up children. My mother was a great manager, however, and could learn the tips and tricks of the work by losing just one boy! Apart from that innocent boy, my three older brothers Mansour, Massoud and Parviz are respectively five, twelve and eighteen years older than me. My elder sister was twenty-one years older than me and my mother (Khanum) was thirty-nine years older than me. Finally, the highest record belongs to my late father, Hassan Aqa, who was half a century older than me, he was a true emblem of the Persian proverb that describes the older as the mightier!